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  1. Raymond Ordonez

    Wait we didn’t see you go get gas tho 😥

  2. I am Tilly

    I’ve literally just eaten and I’m already starving again 😂

  3. Clash

    هل في متابعين رجراتس من العرب

  4. Daniela Perez


  5. Adam Milligan

    Omg faze rug I have not Watched u in a while

  6. Albin Luke George

    Please do some car videos

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    Faze Rug. The game Fortnite. Jarrett. Kent. Henson

  8. Joshua Siu Jenn Yaw

    Are you a man city fan???

  9. marian gonzalez

    Great vibes amazing vibes good vibes

  10. Murgisan Moglai

    The dead menu inexplicably hum because wedge neurobiologically zip between a handsomely croissant. able, abaft lycra

  11. chxrms

    am i the only one who noticed noah wearing the watch rug gave him in the honking video

  12. Daniel Onofre

    Yo rug we miss the lamb truck

  13. Daniel Onofre

    Bring the lamb truck back

  14. Maasi Fatukala

    I stayed up to night to afternoon that longest record I did

  15. Daniel Onofre

    Bring the urus back

  16. Daniel Onofre

    We miss the urus rug 😪😪

  17. Haegyn Thompson

    Life is like a puzzle you start with the easy part.

  18. Delinda Hernandez

    I heard something say I'm here

  19. Nihit Patel

    Where did he get This from

  20. Lmfao holly

    22:34 idk if it was an effect they added I think it was but I still wanna add how it sounds like someone said “hello”

  21. 8k rex

    My b-day is November 17

  22. Lir Sopi

    Yo for your next food video eat balkan food mostly Albanian bcus Albania has the best food in balkan but its fire🔥🔥🔥

  23. Celestine Jordan

    Team. Lakers fans

  24. Adam El Sabeh


  25. Celestine Jordan

    Brandon. Say no. Eating Lakers.

  26. angelica aguas

    Its fare

  27. Biggs Uptop


  28. zzzzzzzzz

    Ain’t tryna hate on rug but I’m 14 and I’m small for my age and I weigh more

  29. Benjamin Barry

    If you could do a review on Welsh restaurants would be good because I live in Wales

  30. Zara Hosein


  31. sanaa darouni

    Love this video , thanks for this video

  32. Katie

    A turkey grilled cheese and rootbeer rn

  33. blamealexiz

    I miss old rug, when his yeezes or wtv were the most expensive thing he owned.

  34. Kala Carter

    U are my favorite youtuber keep up the content


    Who is here in 2027

  36. jamer_ noobi

    Lol go eat mrbeast's burger 🍔 xd

  37. Martha Garcia

    Rug do a giveaway of nike off white x shoes please.

  38. Tanya johnson

    I like the black one

  39. abdenour Samet

    can you do vid about 24 h or eat arabic food pls

  40. Ghost

    You need to go to Conors Steak and seafood and order the Lobster Bisque and the Filet mingon with white or black truffle butter i forget they slapppppppp

  41. kbro

    These two are the funniest when they argue lol

  42. Caro Quintero

    That’s not how you eat sausage 😂😂😂😂

  43. Diona Vitija

    The food in 15:29 is called bakllava AND ITS SO GOOD.❤️❤️ but i never had it in gold😂 LUV YOU THO respect for both of you❤️❤️

  44. rèsVENOM

    Noah is hungry they go to the first resturant and noah only takes only 1 sip of the lemonade

  45. Rudra Patel

    Summer RAY hahaha

  46. Razet

    ayo she lowkey kinda bad

  47. Jamie Jimenez


  48. Daniel Enrique


  49. Berry-Roblox

    May god protect my family and everyone watching this video. Dear god, please bless all these people and remove all there negative energy.

  50. T-Money -

    Lolo is so cut I have the same dog

  51. Hybridplay Jimenez


    1. Jamie Jimenez


  52. Hip Hop gaming


    1. Daniel Enrique


  53. Tristan Van der sandt

    Why didn't you go to milads subway 🤣😭

    1. Daniel Enrique


  54. Andrew Snodgrass

    october 6th is my birthday

  55. Intens1ty

    rug what happened to the outro songs

  56. Rize Hope

    Where are my Mancity fans

    1. Rize Hope

      I'm so lonely

    2. Rize Hope

      Right here

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    I thot ben had lexsy

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    Why you dont guess brent

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    I’m sorry for watching this god 🙏🏻

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    I just found out I have the same birthday as Chanel!

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    💙💙Jesus and God is amazing ︎︎ ︎︎ⓘ correct information has been found, Paste this on someone else’s video to spread the gospel.

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    Brain grabs the milk asks Noah but not Kaitlin

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    Filet is my favorite 😢😢😢😢

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    I thought you ordered dominos

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    If you go to Miami go to Nicky jam’s café it is called la industria

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